Director Ted Griffin was fired from his new movie by Warner BROS after clashing with star Kevin Costner, according to insiders.

The OSCAR-winning star, who is shooting a 'sort-of-sequel' to the 1969 movie The Graduate with Jennifer Aniston, was "constantly criticising" the first-time film-maker - culminating in him being fired, according to gossip site FLY ON THE WALL.

A source says, "It's totally Costner's fault, not Jennifer's.

"He was constantly in Ted's face about what he was doing wrong, criticising him repeatedly about his setups in front of PAULA (WEINSTEIN, one of the film's producers).

"He said several times loudly to anyone who would listen, 'This movie will take a year to shoot if you don't get rid of Ted.'

"It was more and more difficult for Ted to maintain any kind of respect from his crew with Costner constantly bitching at him around the clock.

"Finally, Ted asked Costner rather firmly, but not loudly, to return to his trailer. Costner screamed, 'I will not. Not until you change the lighting set-up like I told you."

Costner's dominant approach on set reportedly riled co-star SHIRLEY MacLAINE who commented to fellow actress Mena Suvari, "There once was a time when actors respected their director."

To which Costner retorted to MacLaine, "You keep out of this."

Meanwhile Aniston was apparently "very sweet" to Griffin while he was director, but preferred to remain in her trailer to rehearse her lines when not required on set.

18/08/2004 17:03