Ted Danson's wife surprised him by pinching his seat on a plane in disguise.

The 'Cheers' star - who won Best Actor in a Comedy Series for 'The Good Place' at the Critics Choice Awards on Thursday night (11.01.18) - was so shocked when his actress spouse Mary Steenburgen, who was meant to be at home, removed her hat and glasses to unveil herself, as he just thought it was ''diva'' was in his allocated chair on his flight to New York.

The 'Elf' star wanted to do something special after they were forced to postpone his birthday party because of the Californian wildfires, which have swept the US state causing damage to hundreds of properties.

Asked by Ellen on 'The Ellen Degeneres Show' - who was forced to evacuate her home - when his 70th birthday took place, he said: ''Well, Technically yes. because of the fires we had to postpone my party, so as far as I am concerned I am still 69.''

Explaining the video, which was filmed, he said: ''She got me boy, I was gonna go to New York to do some press, she said, 'Oh, I wish I could come but I can't.' She had stuff to do. So I kissed her goodbye and gave a nice hug.

''I got to the airport and it was one of those busy paparazzi days. The airplane I was exhausted from doing this and I was a little tired so I was grumpy. So I got on the plane and I am in First Class and I come down the aisle and then there is this guy with a camera, just taking a video of me and grinning the whole time.

''Then I think oh great, some diva is sitting in my seat and she is wearing dark glasses, what a bore. She's not getting up, and the guy is still filming me, come on! So I take my coat off, but I have to stick my phone in my mouth to be able to get my sleeves out, and then [video shows his cell falling out in shock].''

Ted was ''really touched'' by his present, and had no idea because he has ''peripheral'' vision when it comes to ''beautiful women''.

He said: ''My brain is going I know she is at home making bread in her bathrobe, I know that for a fact. I am also slightly trained in life, if there is a beautiful woman, I only kind of peripherally note, beautiful woman.

''If the conversation starts then I will look at the beautiful woman, otherwise it is all very peripheral and I am grumpy because who wears a hat in First Class, and dark glasses. So give me a break. It really touched me actually, It was really lovely.''