Ted Danson was left cringing during a dinner with Larry David when the funnyman insulted a restaurant full of Mexicans by 'translating' an English-speaking Frank Sinatra impersonator.
The comic plays an exaggerated version of himself in hit U.S. comedy series Curb Your Enthusiasm, in which his continual social faux-pas and outspoken attitude regularly land him in trouble.
Danson also appears as himself in the show, but was not prepared for how outlandish his new boss was in real life until they spent New Year's Eve together in Mexico.
He tells Britain's Culture magazine, "Going to work for Larry David on Curb is very much the same as going to dinner with Larry David. I try to insult him and make him laugh. He scares the c**p out of me because you never know what he's going to do in public.
"One year, we were in Mexico for the New Year, and there was a local band singing old Frank Sinatra standards, with a little bit of Spanish dialect going on. He got up in the middle of this festive crowd and said, 'Do you mind?, then grabbed the microphone and, as the singer sang, (David) did a version in English, but spoken, saying the exact same words the singer was singing. He found that amusing. The band didn't, 90 per cent of the audience didn't, and we were slightly horrified to be in the same room as him."