Ted Danson wants pal Kelsey Grammer's hit show Frasier to end with a reunion of all the cast from classic sitcom Cheers.

Grammer, whose current show is a spin-off of '80s comedy Cheers, has announced that the current season of Frasier will be the last.

And while many fans are speculating about how the show should end, Grammer's former Cheers co-star Danson believes the character should be taken back to his barstool beginnings.

He says, "What I think should happen is Frasier should get up, walk out of his series, walk into the bar and say, 'Hey, what's going on?' And we should all be there."

But Danson foresees one slight problem - he thinks his own character would be too old to continue his rampant womanising.

He says, "All the other characters work except SAM MALONE, because at 55 you don't wanna see him doing what he did before. It's funny when you're in 40s. When you're 50 it's kinda sad."

29/10/2003 21:22