Former CHEERS star Ted Danson and his wife Mary Steenburgen have teamed up to play an onscreen couple in a new TV movie.

IT MUST BE LOVE, which hits screens next month (FEB04), is inspired by a newspaper account of a couple on the verge of divorce who get lost in a snowstorm together. The film was written by PULITZER PRIZE winner and longtime friend BETH HENLEY especially for the real-life couple.

Danson notes, "It's hard to do a love story when you're in your 50s and married in real life. We already had a couple of strikes against us."

"It was as if (Henley) was taking the least attractive parts of us and heightening them.

"For me, it was the very controlling side. My character's an architect, and for him everything needs to be controlled, suppressed. Mary's is much more the free spirit with her wild energy and big temper. It wasn't so much our taking home the parts. It was more bringing our lives to the set."

21/01/2004 01:44