North Korea's embassy in Prague has demanded hit film Team America: WORLD Police is banned in the Czech Republic, claiming the marionette comedy "harms the image of our country".

South Park creator Trey Parker and Matt Stone's film about a team of puppets fighting North Korean leader KIM JONH II's plans to destroy the world hit the number two spot in the US box office in October (04).

But Local Prague newspaper LIDOVE NOVINY reports the capital's North Korean diplomat was disgusted to hear Czech cinemas began to screen the film on Friday (04FEB05).

A diplomat said, "It harms the image of our country. Such behaviour is not part of our country's political culture. Therefore, we want the film to be banned."

The Czech Foreign Ministry's spokesman VIT KOLAR laughed off the embassy's demands, saying, "We told them it's an unrealistic wish. Obviously, it's absurd to demand that in a democratic country."

07/02/2005 09:06