Actress Tea Leoni had a troubling moment while promoting her new movie Fun With Dick And Jane in Europe, when she thought her interviewer asked her about co-star Jim Carrey's manhood.

Leoni and Carrey teamed up to star in the remake of a 1977 movie which originally starred Jane Fonda as JANE and George Segal as DICK.

And Leoni admits that the language barrier, coupled with her exhaustion, led her to believe she was being probed about inappropriate facts.

She says, "It's the language (barrier). On day 12, I'm already sort of seeing blue circles around everything - I'm a little tired. And this guy, this reporter over there said to me, 'So which is better - George Segal's Dick or Jim Carrey's Dick?'

"I was tired and I said, 'Oh my God, I don't think that I'm really in a position to know!' And he said, 'Well, you've seen George Segal's Dick and you've just spent half a year with Jim Carrey's Dick.' And he was so adamant, so I said, 'Jim Carrey's Dick is broader!'"