DEEP IMPACT star Tea Leoni came up with a bizarre way of entertaining herself on a recent cruise - by scoping out a range of possible places to commit suicide.

The actress, who took her two children - MADELAINE, five, and KYD, two - with her, was so bored while sailing around, she decided to work out which activities would guarantee death.

Leoni says, "I'd never been on a cruise. I'm not cruise people... I mean, who wants to travel for their whole vacation? Doesn't that seem almost moronic? I wanna get on a boat or get on a plane and arrive.

"The thing that I was actually thinking about is that there are a lot of ways to like kill yourself on a cruise, if you were thinking about it.

"You could throw yourself over the side. You're not supposed to throw anything overboard. I did throw a piece of cheese over because it's hard to sort of gauge. You don't really know (if) you could actually do it if you jumped off your balcony. How bad would it be? That would be one way to go.

"But the best way to go is you could just eat yourself to death. I've never seen so much food in my life!"

13/04/2005 09:29