De Seuss' The Lorax has shot to the top of the US box office in its opening weekend. The family-friendly movie, which features the voices of Taylor Swift, Zac Efron and Danny Devito, grossed $70.7 million dollars. According to a Press Association, (March 5, 2012), this impressive figure means that The Lorax has scored the biggest box office debut so far this year.
There's some impressive pedigree behind this 3D animated movie; it comes from Illumination Entertainment, the makers of Despicable Me. The producer, Christopher Meledandri, has also worked on Horton Hears a Who (another Seuss adaptation) and Ice Age: The Meltdown. The Lorax raked in more ticket sales for its opening weekend than Despicable Me, which earned a respectable $56.4 million in July 2010. The Lorax has also landed the highest earning debut of any Dr Seuss animation to date. So far this year, the closest contender for box office debuts is The Vow, which managed $41.2 million when it opened. Project X, which was slated by movie critics after its preview, defied expectations and brought in around $20.8 million. Project X came second in the weekend's box office ratings, marking a huge gulf between first and second place.
Last week's chart-topper, Act of Valour dropped to third place and Safe House - starring Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds - was in fourth. Tyler Perry's Good Deeds was ranked fifth, having drawn in $7 million.