Up until its release most talk of Dr Seuss' the Lorax seemed to focus on whether or not two of its young stars had got together during the making of the film. However, now that Taylor Swift and Zac Efron have confirmed (via the medium of the Ellen Degeneres chat show) that they are not dating, the focus has shifted to the film itself; an adaptation of one of Dr. Seuss' popular children's books.
Reviews have started to come in for the film and it would appear that it's gone down pretty well with the critics, although Seuss fanatics have been upset by the additions to the film that threaten its dedication to the original story. Claudia Puig, writing for USA Today, praises the film's conservationist message, saying "the pro-conservation, anti-consumerist message of the book is heartily intact. And, like the Seuss story, the film never resorts to sermonizing." Talk turns to the cast in the Hollywood Reporter review, which praises Efron for bringing a "youthful wholesomeness" to the role of Ted and says that Betty White as Grammy Norma is "terrific."
Elsewhere, though, the New York Times critic A.O. Scott slams the movie as "a noisy, useless piece of junk," whilst the Los Angeles Times' Kenneth Turan takes issue with the scriptwriters' decisions, saying that they have added "a whole lot of other stuff, most of it not very good and not in keeping with the spirit of the Seuss original."