Taylor Swift wants to duet with Jack White.

The 'Fearless' singer says she dreams of teaming up with the rocker - who fronts The White Stripes and Raconteurs and performs with The Dead Weather - on her next album because she is such a fan of his talents.

She said: "I'd love to play with Jack White because he's awesome. I love his style. I love his writing and I think he's an amazing player too, so any kind of collaboration there would be really awesome."

Despite already thinking ahead to her next record, Taylor says fans may be in for a long wait.

She added to MTV News: "You know, what I love doing is taking a long time to put an album together, because you have these ideas that hit you in the middle of the night and you never know what you can write two weeks before you're supposed to. So I like to take a lot of time and really develop an album and take a year and a half or two years to make an album so that it's not thrown together."