Taylor Swift's new video for We Are Never Getting Back Together has debuted on MTV and Cmt, reports the New York Daily News.
The song, Swift has confirmed, refers to a real relationship, which has caused numerous rumours as to whom the song is about. Unfortunately for fans of the country-pop superstar, the video shed little light to the man's real identity. Whoever he is though, Taylor has sent a pretty clear message. The video, directed by Declan Whitbloom, follows the star whilst she bemoans her lousy boyfriend's (or ex-boyfriend's) failings. The whole thing is, rather impressively, a one-take production, meaning that a single lapse in choreography or acting could have ruined a whole take. Swift revealed that it took 17 attempts to get the video right.
The song has proved to be the 22-year old singers most successful hit, landing her first Number One on the Billboard top #100. The song also won her the accolade of 'most downloads of a single song for a female artist,' something that had previously eluded the global superstars goal of country-pop domination. The singer will perform the hit song live at the Mtv Awards Sept. 6th, which will hopefully give Swift-fanatics another chance to scrutinise the evidence and finally find out who she'll never get back together with.