Taylor Swift has comfortably defeated Adele and a host of the world's top music stars to be named at the top of the Billboard Money Makers chart for earnings accumulated in 2011 in the US, the country singer proving that her teenage rise to stardom looks to have legs as she enters her 23rd year. On first glance you might've reckoned the British sensation Adele would come out top of the pile, based on physical sales alone she was streets ahead after her album '21' soared to some 6.7 million sales in the States as part of 18 million worldwide; however the British singer's problems with her throat have been well documented and caused her to cancel a large section of her live schedule which also adds to the overall figures on the chart. As such she came in at a respectable but perhaps surprisingly low 10th place with $13,081,909.
Swift meanwhile clocked in with a phenomenal $35,719,902. Though not releasing an album last year, her success from 2010 Lp 'Speak Now' continued and contributed to some 1.8 million album sales of her back catalogue in the States atop 7.8 million single track sales. She supplemented this with a huge worldwide tour that grossed a whopping $88.5 million in the US alone, with the 22 year-old pocketing some $29.8 million net of that. The key source factor in Swift's vast income however is the fact she takes all of her own song writing loyalties from the album 'Speak Now' and thus took a huge amount from that.