Taylor Swift has been named at the top of the Billboard Money Makers chart for earning accumulated in 2011 in the US, the country singer proving that her teenage rise to stardom looks to have legs as she enters her 23rd year. Swift clocked in with a mighty $35,719,902 - despite not releasing an album last year. However her success from 2010 Lp 'Speak Now' continued and contributed to some 1.8 million album sales of her back catalogue in the States atop 7.8 million single track sales.
U2 weren't far behind Swift, taking a reckoned $32,116,315 after wrapping up their massive 360 degree tour last year. Like Taylor, they had no new album on offer but sold 1.4 million digital tracks nonetheless and the figures from their live shows were stunning with an estimated 7.3 million people going to watch them with a total Boxscore tally of $736 million. In third place Kris Chesney reaped the benefits of taking a year out of touring in 2010, with fans hungry to see him again lapping up his 2011 tour, with over 1 million tickets sold. Added to this was some 650,000 physical album sales on top of over 4.3 million digital tracks. <Adele finished="" on="" the="" list="" but="" could="" come="" so="" much="" higher="" an="" ailing="" throat="" putting="" paid="" to="" her="" live="" tour="" which="" would="" no="" doubt="" have="" proven="" a="" huge="" money="" spinner.="" however="" based="" recorded="" product="" sales="" alone="" she="" dominated="" album="" soaring="" some="" million="" in="" states="" as="" part="" of="" worldwide="" help="" profit="" hearty="" total="">