Taylor Swift is reportedly in talks with the producers of the forthcoming film adaptation of Les Miserables and it looks likely that the country music star will be playing the role of Eponine. The production could boast an all-star cast, with Anne Hathaway, Hugh Jackman and Amanda Seyfried all in talks with the filmmakers.
Helena Bonham-carter, who was recently awarded a Cbe in the Queen's New Year's Honours List, is also lined up for a part in the movie, as is the Australian actor Russell Crowe. The film, which will be directed by Tom Hooper, is expected to be released in December 2012. Taylor Swift has been busy of late - but hinted at the movie when she spoke to MTV at the launch of her Wonderstruck perfume, saying, "some surprise projects that may or may not happen, and possibly some acting." Her potential co-star Amanda Seyfried has already showcased her vocal ability in the screen adaptation of Mamma Mia. The actress will have a busy time ahead of her as well, as she has been cast in the title role of Lovelace, about the porn actress Linda Lovelace.
Taylor is also set to release a new album in 2012 and told Mtv "I've just been so excited about what's gonna happen in the next year. I'm also really excited about [the album]. I've been writing all the time. I've been writing so much for the new record."