Taylor Swift claims to have been inundated with ''thank you'' messages after pulling her music from Spotify.

The 'Shake it Off' hitmaker stopped her work being shared on the streaming service earlier this year and admits she wasn't expecting such a strong response to her decision.

She said: ''I didn't think that it would be shocking to anyone.

''With as many ways as artists are personalising their musical distribution, it didn't occur to me that this would be anything that anyone would talk about.

''But I could never have expected so many text messages, emails and phone calls from other artists, writers and producers saying thank you.''

Taylor made a break from country music to release her first pop album, '1989', this year and admits it was a ''challenge'' to convince her record label and management that it was a good idea - and they are now glad they agreed with her.

She added to The Hollywood Reporter: ''The biggest challenge this year actually was convincing members of my own team that this was a good call.

''I'd get called in front of a group of people who have known me and worked with me for years who'd say, 'Are you sure that you want call the album '1989'? We think it's a weird title. Are you sure you want to put an album cover out that has less than half of your face on it? Are you positive that you want to take a genre that you've cemented yourself in and completely switch to a new one that you are a newcomer to?'

''The biggest struggle kind of turned into the biggest triumph when it worked out.''