Taylor Swift's new album has changed her style.

The 24-year-old singer - who released her fifth studio album 1989 last month - has confessed working on the retro-inspired record, which was named after the year she was born, has encouraged her to be more daring with her fashion choices.

She said: ''I think there was a freedom to the clothes then and I see how that era had inspired modern fashion trends. So I'm wearing shorter skirts and things I would never have worn three years ago.''

The svelte blonde beauty also admitted to disliking her punishing spin classes at the gym but insists she has to maintain her fitness levels so she can perform energetic dance routines on stage.

The 'Shake It Off' singer said: ''I work out. I do spin classes, which are hard and I don't like doing them but I like how I feel afterwards.

''The reason I work out is because I want to have endurance and I want to be able to hop on stage and sing a song and dance and not be winded.''

When she isn't performing or hitting the gym, Taylor spends her time indulging in retail therapy or takes a time out to explore new cities.

When asked what she gets up to in her free time, Taylor told HELLO! magazine: ''I enjoy shopping of course - I am female! And I've enjoyed furnishing my new place and working through the rooms to give each an individual feel.

''Whichever country I am in, I will try and see some of the city I am staying in and try and shop, though the busier I am, the more difficult this gets.''