Taylor Swift's signature performing style is ''a classic top'' and high waisted shorts.

The '22' singer is on her Red World Tour and has honed her look so it looks smart on stage, yet remains practical for her to dash about in during performances.

She told People magazine: ''My favourite look of the show is when I start out with black high waisted shorts, and lace Oxford shirt and sparkly red oxford shoes, and a black hat.

''It's definitely a look I've been obsessed with lately for performing, where you have a classic top tucked into high waisted shorts. It's fun to run around in.

''For performance, I'm not only looking for something that looks cool in front of 20,000 people but it's also about the functionality of it, can I run around in it? Can I throw my hair around in it?''

Taylor also said she's overhauled the look of her stage show, to make it less like a fairytale and more reflective of her age now she's 23.

She said: ''This tour exists in a place that would exist in a city. It's much more a glammed up version of what I'd wear every day or a rocked up version of what I'd wear out at night or instead of during 'Love Story', the song where I used to have people dressed as princes and princesses, now they're dressed as broken toy dolls with keys sticking out the back of them.

''It's just different, a different shade of the way my mind works fashion wise, and Its three years, I've evolved too.''