Taylor Swift counts performing with The Rolling Stones as her ''best moment ever''.

The '22' singer appeared with the legendary band in Chicago earlier this month, performing 'As Tears Go By', and picked dancing with band leader Sir Mick Jagger as her personal highlight.

She told AccessHollywood.com: ''Mick and I did this twirl in the dressing room when we were rehearsing, because we just started sorta kinda like dancing around the room and frolicking and it was really fun. So we decided to incorporate that into the actual performance ... I really wanted to do the twirl - this one little twirl that we did - and that was pretty much the best moment ever.''

Taylor also praised the rest of the band - Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood and Charlie Watts - for being so welcoming when she rehearsed with them.

She added: ''The whole band, they're so welcoming and wonderful and approachable and all the things you would hope your heroes would be.

''It's wonderful getting that phone call. Like, 'Hey, would you like to go and play with The Rolling Stones?' That is a bold, underlined, exclamation point 'Yes'!''''

The Rolling Stones have invited a number of guest stars to appear with them since they started playing live again last year, including Mary J. Blige, Florence Welch, Brad Paisley, Katy Perry, Lady GaGa and Tom Waits.