Taylor Swift took over rowing duties from actor Toby Hemingway during the filming of her romantic video for Mine - because the Brit was terrible at steering their boat.
The singer cast Hemingway as her love interest in the promo, and one scene shows the young couple out on a lake.
But Swift reveals she was unimpressed with Hemingway's rowing skills - and took over from the actor when the cameras weren't rolling.
She tells Britain's The One Show, "It was such a fun video shoot, it was hilarious.
"One of the things that everybody was giving him a hard time about was we were in this row boat and we had to eventually get out to the middle of this lake and he was just miserable at rowing the boat and I had to do it for him.
"Everybody on the whole set was like, 'You can't row a boat? Aren't you from England?' He was like, 'Yeah, but we don't have these kind of boats!'"