Taylor Swift has topped Forbes' recent list of highest-earning celebrities under the age of 30. The 22 year-old country music star raked in a staggering $57 million between May 2011 and May 2012. The unassuming starlet earned much of that mountain of cash through touring. Forbes have estimated that her 'Speak Now' tour earned her an average of $1 million per concert. Not bad for a night's work, eh?
Justin Bieber, who turned 18 this year was snapping at Taylor's heels, though, with an impressive $55 million under his belt and Rihanna, aged 24, earned $53 million in those twelve months. The previous year, Lady GaGa had topped the poll but Mother Monster had slipped to fourth place this time, with $52 million. It's a staggering drop from her 2011 earnings of $90 million but let's not worry about her too much yet; she can't possibly be feeling the pinch. Bieber turned out to be the only male in the top five, which was rounded out by Katy Perry, who brought home a cool $45 million. Each of the top five contenders has boosted their incomes with lucrative fragrance deals, topping up the money that they earn from touring and record sales.
Repping for the UK, Adele found herself at sixth position on the list, with earnings of $35 million. Adele was beset by problems with vocal cords last year, leaving her unable to tour. Perhaps she could have bumped Katy Perry out of the Top Five, had she been in fine health all year. Still, her armful of Grammy awards certainly didn't harm her fortunes.