Taylor Swift says her favourite trip on tour was a day out at a German castle.

The 21-year-old country star refuses to just stay in her hotel room while she is on her 'Speak Now World Tour' and always organises excursions for her and her band and crew.

The best tourist trip they went on was a visit to the gothic Neuschwanstein Castle - which was built in the 19th Century and is situated on a hill above The Village of Hohenschwangau near Fussen in southwest Bavaria - while they were in Germany in March.

She said: "I've made it a point, and my band, we've all made it a point to remember everywhere we are. It's really easy when you're on tour to only see the insides of arenas and to try to catch up on as much sleep as you can. That's really easy to get into that habit but we try to make ourselves go out in every single place where we are and I'm really glad that we've done that.

"I really love to go out an experience where we are, I mean we started off the tour in Belgium so we all had to have waffles, and we have day trips on our days off. There's a castle in Germany that I'd always wanted to go see called the Schwanstein so my whole band and I took this day trip and went and had a look at this castle. It was so fun. When you're on tour you can make it a life experience to, it doesn't have to be work, you don't have to look at it like that."

The 'Love Story' singer is on a mammoth run of shows and has played dates in countries such as Singapore, Japan, Italy, Spain and the UK, among others.

Despite being away for so long, Taylor - who grew up in Pennsylvania - won't allow herself to get homesick, and has developed a strategy to stop herself from pining for America.

In an interview with British station Radio 1, she said: "I do get homesick from time-to-time, but it's really a mind over mater thing, you only let yourself get homesick, like, less than a week until you get home. You can't get homesick, like, two days into the trip, that's just not an option."