Country star Taylor Swift entertained the cast and crew of her new movie The Giver by joining co-star Jeff Bridges for impromptu jam sessions in between filming.

The Love Story hitmaker, who portrays Bridges' piano-playing daughter in the dystopian thriller, flew out to Cape Town, South Africa to shoot her scenes and admits she was too tired to worry about feeling nervous acting alongside the movie great and fellow castmate Meryl Streep.

She tells Us Weekly magazine, "To be honest I was so jet-lagged that my entire time on set slipped away and the days would fade into each other."

However, she quickly found a way to bond with her co-stars in the best way she knows how.

She adds, "The numerous breaks in between takes were the best. Jeff and I held jam sessions in his dressing room with his drums, guitars and keyboard. We'd play, then everybody joined in whether they knew the song or not."