Taylor Swift was ''trolled'' by the DJ who groped her when he paid her court-ordered damages.

David Mueller previously sued the 'Look What You Made Me Do' hitmaker for claiming she had falsely accused him of touching her during a meet-and-greet, but she countersued and a federal jury eventually found in the 29-year-old pop star's favour and the disgraced presenter was ordered her to pay a symbolic amount of $1.

The broadcaster eventually paid up with a Sacagawea coin, which Taylor took as a deliberate slight on his part.

She told the new issue of America's Vogue magazine: ''He was trolling me, implying that I was self-righteous and hell-bent on angry, vengeful feminism. That's what I'm inferring from him giving me a Sacagawea coin.

''Hey, maybe he was trying to do it in honour of a powerful Native American woman. I didn't ask.

''[Where is the coin now?] My lawyer has it.''

The 'ME!' singer shot to fame when she was just a teenager and admitted she didn't ''understand'' sexism until several years into her career when she ''became a woman''.

She said: ''I think about this a lot.

''When I was a teenager, I would hear people talk about sexism in the music industry, and I'd be like, I don't see it. I don't understand.

''Then I realised that was because I was a kid. Men in the industry saw me as a kid. I was a lanky, scrawny, overexcited young girl who reminded them more of their little niece or their daughter than a successful woman in business or a colleague. The second I became a woman, in people's perception, was when I started seeing it.

''It's fine to infantilise a girl's success and say, 'How cute that she's having some hit songs. How cute that she's writing songs.' But the second it becomes formidable? As soon as I started playing stadiums - when I started to look like a woman - that wasn't as cool anymore.

''It was when I started to have songs from 'Red' come out and cross over, like 'I Knew You Were Trouble' and 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.' ''

Mueller previously explained he planned to send the damages in the form of a Sacagawea coin as it features a prominent Native American Woman in a jab at the 'Blank Space' singer, who previously hailed her court victory a win for all women.

He said: ''I mean, If this is all about women's rights...It's a little poke at them, a little bit.

''I mean, I think they made this into a publicity stunt, and this is my life.''