Taylor Swift doesn't follow fashion religiously.

The '22' singer refuses to copy new trends because she often finds them ridiculous and thinks they don't ''apply'' to her daily life.

Quizzed in a new promotional video for her Keds shoe range about whether she is obsessed with fashion, Taylor joked: ''Not to the point where I have an impressive fashion vocabulary about it ... You know some people have been to see all the shows and know exactly what the new thing is.

''I love following fashion, but sometimes the new trend is everybody is dressing like a motorcycle driver, or they're wearing a scuba suit - and it doesn't really apply to my life!''

The 23-year-old star has launched a fall collection of 17 different sneakers for Keds, and Taylor explained she pairs her shoes with neutral tones and darker colours in the autumn.

She said: ''I like a good velvet shoe, I would love to be able to incorporate that into what I wear. I really incorporate black more into my wardrobe for winter.

''But for fall I really stick to neutral tones like browns and just darker colours but not full on black.''