Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez first bonded over heartbreak.

The 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' singer - who is now dating Conor Kennedy - has revealed she and Selena initially became best friends in 2008 after splitting from their then boyfriends Joe and Nick Jonas from 'The Jonas Brothers'.

The 22-year-old star told CityTV in Canada: ''One of our early on friendship bonding moments was a couple years ago when both of us were really going through heartbreak situations. I just called her and I was like, 'I'll be over there in 10 minutes with a bunch of junk food.' Ever since then, we're just been kinda like sisters, it's more of like a sister bond.

''We've known each other since the time that we were both like here [pointing down] and then things kind of sped up with our careers and things went [motioning uphill] at the same time and our friendship stayed intact.''

The country singer - who has released her new album 'Red' on Monday (22.10.12) - also revealed the famous friends share a mutual love of food.

She said: ''We love food. Me and Selena, we just are constantly thinking of what to eat next. Everything.''

Earlier this week Taylor admitted she turns to music to reach an ''exact nerve'' to vocalise her feelings.

She said: ''I think that when people need music the most is when they are falling in love intensely or they're falling out of love or losing love or being let down or frustrated or hurt.

''And you don't know how to say exactly how you feel and if there's a song that can hit on it and touch that exact nerve that you're feeling. It's why people are so obsessed with music.''