Taylor Swift is expecting to be bombarded by text messages from annoyed pals when her new album SPEAK NOW is released, because she used real-life conversations with friends in her songs.
The country sweetheart has been open about taking inspiration for her songwriting from incidents with friends, boyfriends and family, but admits she would sometimes literally halt a chat so she can take notes for future reference.
And she's sure her pals will be a little peeved when they hear their private stories have been aired out on her album.
She tells Ladies' Home Journal, "My songs are like open letters. They say everything I wished I had said when certain people were standing right next to me. I imagine I'll be getting a few text messages from these people once the album comes out. I have an app on my iPhone that's a voice recorder. I'll be in the middle of a conversation, and I'll literally walk away to record a bridge, a pre-chorus or half of a hook, then go right back to the conversation like nothing happened."