Taylor Swift did a ''fantastic job'' of playing an almost bad girl in the video for 'Trouble'.

The singer plays a geeky character who falls for a bad boy who changes her into a more feisty person, and her co-star in the video, Reeve Carney, says she took to the role very well.

He told MTV: ''She's not a full bad girl. She's someone who's drawn in by the temptation and the thrill of it all, but at the same time, she's halfway: She's got one foot in and one foot out.''

When asked if she pulled off playing a semi-bad girl, he added: ''I think she did a fantastic job, and I think she looked good with the pink hair. I like her normal hair, but I thought it was cool a cool thing to experiment with.''

Reeve, 29, added he thinks Taylor, 23, could have a bright future as an actress.

He said: ''It was a great acting piece for her, too. I thought she was fantastic. I kept telling her, 'Man, you're such a natural. You've got to do more of this.' And I don't know if she was listening to me or not, but I think she definitely has a natural ability for sure.''

Taylor's video for 'Trouble' and her latest album, 'Red' are out now.