Taylor Swift felt compelled to help the victims of the tornadoes which devastated areas of the U.S. southern states last month (Apr11) after watching footage of the storm winds on her terrified dancers and musicians' cellphones.
Many of the people who tour with the Love Story singer are from the areas hit worst by the natural disaster - and they spent desperate hours trying to reach family and friends during rehearsals.
Swift says, "We had some really scary days a few weeks ago in Nashville. We had tornado warnings and, even scarier, we were at rehearsals and all my dancers and band were getting texts from their relatives.
"(There were) pictures of cyclones in their backyards and it was just terrifying.
"I was just thinking of what we could do to help all the victims of the devastation down there and we were at rehearsals, so I was like, 'Could we just open up the rehearsal to the public and sell tickets and give it all to... tornado victims in the south? We could do that, right?' And it turns out we can, so that's what we're gonna do."