The local Rhode Island reporter who kicked off a story suggesting Taylor Swift had angered neighbours in Watch Hill by rebuilding a historic sea wall on her beachfront property has apologised to the singer.

The Day reporter David Collins claimed residents hated Swift and rang in the new year with stories that featured headlines like 'Taylor Swift Is Ruining Lives' and suggested she was blocking beach access.

Swift's publicist assured Wenn the story had been overblown and sent the news outlet links to more formed stories, which included quotes from local officials, who stated the singer had been granted the proper permits to fix a broken wall that separates her home from the sea.

In a story headlined, 'To Taylor Swift: Sorry,' Collins writes, "I'm sorry, Taylor Swift, for the scorched-earth worldwide news coverage on gossip pages that I apparently triggered with a column... about the work on the sea wall at your Watch Hill house.

"I gather you must be used to it... I feel badly about this because I suspect you know very little about the work being done. I'm sure you've got other things to focus on... Anyway, Happy New Year, Taylor. I hope you have fun back in Watch Hill for the summer of 2014... We'll try to leave you alone."