Taylor Swift is inspired by Paul McCartney.

The 20-year-old singer admits the British singer and country crooner Emmylou Harris are her biggest idols because they have had long careers but never given away more than they need to and maintain "grace".

She said: "McCartney and Emmylou are people who have maintained careers of longevity and also grace.

"They've taken chances, but they've also been the same artist for their entire careers."

The 'Love Story' hitmaker is also a fan of creating autobiographical albums, meaning anyone she dates cannot be sure a song about them won't end up on an album.

She told the USA Today newspaper: "I've never been shy about the fact that if you enter my life, you are basically willingly entering an album."

Taylor - who has famously dated Joe Jonas and Taylor Lautner - recently revealed she is comfortable with her single status and rarely gets lonely.

She said: "Being single is wonderful and I love it. I don't ever have a morning where I wake up and say, 'I really need to find a boyfriend today.'"