The Love Story singer offered her support to the activists taking part in the protest via Twitter, but some followers thought she should have been there in person, alongside Katy Perry, Madonna, Scarlett Johansson, and Ashley Judd, among others.

Some fans called her a "selective feminist" for missing out on the march, and Westbrook was asked for his thoughts in a new Australian Associated Press interview.

"None of us can understand what it's like to live under that kind of scrutiny and all I can say is she’s an unbelievably talented woman with an extremely kind and generous heart and if she could have been there I’m sure she would have,” he said.

“She’s always loving and accepting of everyone and does her best to show that love for everyone.”

Jimi and his bandmate wife Karen Fairchild have a special connection to Taylor - she wrote the band's 2016 hit Better Man.