Is Taylor Swift dating a Kennedy? It certainly seems that way, if recent eyewitness reports are anything to go by. The Grammy award-winning country music star has been spotted getting up close and personal at a Kennedy family compound in Massachusetts. New York Post have published revealing photos of Taylor and Conor Kennedy looking very cosy together. And Conor Kennedy, for those of you who didn't know, is the grandson of Robert F. Kennedy.
Taylor reportedly rented a small house in the compound. If that sounds unusual, then it can be explained away pretty quickly as it's a requirement of the property's managers that guests must rent their living areas. The singer arrived at the compound in Hyannis Port on Friday (July 27, 2012) at around 5pm local time and within hours, the new couple were spotted bouncing on a trampoline together, along with a large black dog. Locals were surprised to see Taylor at a party in the locale that evening, one of whom told the Post "All of Hyannis Port was there. He found her a seat. It was very sweet. She was laughing and talked with a lot of little kids."
On the Sunday, 22 year-old Taylor and 18 year-old Conor attended church together. The previous day, they had enjoyed a spot of sailing together and seemed to be relaxed in each other's company. It's not the first time that Swift has been spotted at the compound, either. She celebrated 4th July there with the Kennedys, too. Could it be that the 'Speak Now' singer has found love with a member of one of America's most famous families?