Taylor Swift "overthinks" everything.

The 'Love Story' hitmaker admits she is often too cautious when out in public because she is afraid of the consequences for her career if her actions could be portrayed as "bad".

She explained: "I overthink everything. I overanalyse everything.

"I've had countless opportunities to do some really bad things. And then people start combing through everything I do trying to find the next mistake and misperception, which leads to more scrutiny.

"Like, if I go to a bar, even if I'm not drinking, who's to say that a source isn't going to say that I was doing something I shouldn't have been doing? So it's not only about your own moral compass, but the moral compasses of other people that you don't know."

The singer - who has previously dated actor Taylor Lautner and singer Joe Jonas - also admitted she uses her songwriting to vent her emotions.

She told America's Elle magazine: "I like to categorise the various levels of heartbreak.

"I've only had that happen once. A letdown is worth a few songs. A heartbreak is worth a few albums."