Taylor Swift loves being anonymous.

The 'Love Story' singer says she can't go anywhere in her native US without being recognised so finds it very refreshing to go to places like the UK as she's not as famous.

She said: "If I go to a restaurant there's going to be a line that forms in front of the table and I'm going to be signing autographs the entire time. I can't look at that as a burden, because it's what I've always wanted. But coming to the UK, it's interesting to have some time off from the constant pointing, staring and screaming. It's been a while since I was able to go shopping."

Taylor, 19, also said she gets flattered when people say she looks like Hollywood beauty Charlize Theron.

She told Britain's You magazine: "My style icon is Charlize Theron. Thank you for saying I look a bit like her - that makes my whole week."