Taylor Momsen wants to write a song with Noel Gallagher.

The Pretty Reckless singer is a self-confessed Oasis fan and previously met Noel's brother and former bandmate Liam but claims she is dying to collaborate with the 'AKA... What a Life!' singer after covering his old band's hit 'Supersonic' on tour.

She said: ''I'd love to write a song with Noel Gallagher, I'm a massive Oasis fan. It would be awesome, Noel is an amazing songwriter. I've met Liam a couple times, he's super cool, he's totally the real deal, exactly how you'd want him to be, but I've not met Noel yet.''

Taylor also hopes Oasis, who split in 2009 after Noel and Liam had a huge backstage argument, will one day reform and the 20-year-old star admits her band's cover of the their song wasn't always well-received by fans at their live shows.

She continued: ''We used to cover 'Supersonic' [in our set] and thought everyone would flip out over it. We mixed it with 'Time Is Running Out' [by Muse] and put it together. We thought everyone would go nuts, but it was kind of 50/50 when we hit the UK, whether they loved it or hated it.''

The singer, whose band have just released their second album 'Going To Hell', would also like to play with American rock band Soundgarden.

She added: ''I'm dying to play with Soundgarden, or play at a festival with them, which I think we are doing.''