19 year-old American wonder kid Taylor Lautner is currently doing the promotional rounds for his latest film 'Abduction,' but the star is still finding plenty of time to talk about the films that made him famous - The 'Twilight' Saga.
The actor made his breakthrough on the hit US franchise in 2008, playing Jacob Black, friend of lead character Bella Swan and went on to appear in follow ups 'New Moon' and 'Eclipse.' He was chatting to Glamour about the forthcoming two-part 'Breaking Dawn' that's set to follow later this year, and admitted he wouldn't be able to handle being rejected in the way his character is in the upcoming films.
"I can relate to Jacob's feelings in 'Breaking Dawn,'" he said. "When he gets the invitation to the wedding, he doesn't handle it very well. I don't think I would either. If I were in love with a girl and she told me she was marrying somebody else, [it] would crush me. That's what it does. It destroys Jacob."
Elsewhere, Lautner is rumoured to be fighting former Wwe superstar The Rock - real name Dwayne Johnson - in a new film based on the Bible story of David & Goliath, with the youthful star playing David to Johnson's Goliath. Additionally, Lautner is set to appear on screens shortly in the film 'Abduction,' playing a young man trying to answer questions about his life. The film already has a sequel in the works, with its direct John Singleton telling Moviehole "We've been talking about it [a sequel] while we're making the movie. Of course, I'm gonna direct it."