Taylor Lautner felt "awkward" when he started shooting 'Abduction'.

The 'Twilight Saga' star admits it took him time to get used to working on the movie, About A Boy who finds his image in a missing person's file, but eventually managed to warm up thanks to his now rumoured girlfriend Lily Collins.

He said: "It's always something that you have to warm up to. The first day there's always going to be some sort of awkwardness but as soon as you start living those characters - it's just a warming up process.

"Lily was pretty warm. She was pretty high up on the warm factor."

The 19-year-old actor admits he was influenced by Tom Cruise when performing stunts on the action movie, and had to try and stop himself.

He added to MTV News: "I've absolutely caught myself doing that [copying Tom] because I've looked up to these guys my entire life and then I go wait hold on, you've got to figure out how to tailor this."