The Twilight star, who is known for his action roles, signed on to replace Andy Samberg in the show in 2014, portraying the funnyman's long-lost lovechild Dale, but Taylor admits he wasn't sure what to make of Cuckoo when he was first offered the part.

"In my head, it made no sense, and that's why it made perfect sense for me to do this," he smiled to U.S. breakfast show Good Morning America.

Taylor was also eager not to be pigeonholed after finding fame on Twilight, and Cuckoo couldn't be farther from the vampire/werewolf franchise.

"That's kinda why I want to choose things that are different," the 24-year-old admitted.

And the actor is pleasantly surprised to be able to put his fighting skills to good use in the comedy, although he had to hit the gym hard before filming his first action sequence on Cuckoo.

"I had no idea I was gonna be able to use some of my martial arts background," he exclaimed. "I had to cram a little training in in about a week!"

Meanwhile, when Taylor isn't brushing up on British slang or working out in the gym, he reveals he loves to gather his friends to tune in to U.S. matchmaking show The Bachelor.

"I definitely have got my viewing parties!" he confessed.