Team Jacob or Team Edward.? America has answered: It's Team Jacob, for the thirteenth year in a row, Jacob is the most popular boys' name given to new-borns in the United States. Obviously, thirteen years stretches back long before the advent of the Twilight Trilogy, but we reckon Taylor Lautner's character in the hit movie franchise must have played a part in keeping it popular. On the girl's side, Sophia came out on top as the most popular choice, though it's not so easy to pin down an influence for this one. Sofia Vergara, perhaps?

Other popular boys' names include Mason, which we can assume is thanks to young Mason Kardashian (Kourtney Kardashian's son). Proving that the Americans like to keep up with the Royal Family, William is also in the top five, spurred on by Prince William's royal wedding last year. Jayden and Noah finished off the top five for the boys' names, on the list released by the US Social Security Administration.

In the girls' list, Sophia is followed by Isabella. Could it be that the power of Twilight is at play once more, here, with parents naming their baby girls after Kristen Stewart's Bella Swan? Or is it the allure of the beautiful Isabella Rossellini? Emma, Olivia and Ava are the next of the most popular girls' names, suggesting that Harry Potter's Emma Watson might be trying to muscle in on the influence of rival teen movie star Kristen. Reese Witherspoon's daughter is named Ava; perhaps the rest of America is trying to follow suit and copy her parenting choices