Taylor Kitsch has landed his first major movie role. The 30 year old, from British Columbia, is scheduled to play the title role in the forthcoming sci-fi adventure John Carter and will follow that with two further movie releases in 2012. Kitsch is best known for his recurring TV role in Friday Night Lights but since the show was cancelled, the movie offers seem to have flooded in for him.
Speaking to the National Post on a press junket, Kitsch said "It's really funny. You work for two-plus years, or whatnot, and all of the movies come out in six months." The first of those will be the release of John Carter, based on Edgar Rice Burroughs' classic novel A Princess of Mars. Kitsch will play the role of a Confederate Civil War veteran, transported to Mars. Once there, the change in gravity gives him superhuman powers, and he becomes a much-needed asset to the planet's warring tribes. The film will feature a mixture of live action and Cgi and some of the creatures' voices will be provided by Willem Defoe, Samantha Morton and Haden Church. Other actors in the film include Lynn Collins and Dominic West.Rihanna.="" he="" also="" features="" forthcoming="" oliver="" stone="" savages="" starring="" benicio="" del="" toro="" blake="" lively="" travolta.="" is="" scheduled="" for="" september="">