Taylor Kitsch could find himself as one of Hollywood's most popular young stars in 2012, with a lead role in Disney's big-budget John Carter set to build on the praise he received for 'Friday Night Lights'. However, the 30-year-old has been discussing his personal life, and explained why he'd never move to Los Angeles.
During an interview with GQ Magazine, which accompanied a James Dean inspired photo-shoot, Kitsch was asked for his reasoning behind building a house in Austin, Texas, instead of Los Angeles, where he will be spending the majority of his time in the coming months. Taylor explained, "Oh, God, I could give you a million reasons why not L.A. I know actors that love the celebrity. For me, it's tough because you're doing six months of press. That's why you put all the work in and almost fucking kill yourself, because if you've got to talk about it a million times, you'd better be proud". He hinted at the necessity to build a relationship away from the cameras in California, saying, "And how do you f*cking build a relationship with a gal that you care for and say, 'Hey, I'm going to be gone for eight weeks. I expect you to have the same feelings as right now in eight weeks. I think I chose to build in Austin because, in Austin, I can come and escape and be myself".
It's set to be a huge year for Kitsch, who appears in Oliver Stone's highly anticipated crime-drama 'Savages', about pot growers who go head-to-head with a Mexican drug cartel.