Immigration officials in Indonesia are to launch an investigation after Hollywood actor Taylor Kitsch claimed he was threatened with deportation on arrival in the country.
The X-Men Origins: Wolverine star spent a week shooting Oliver Stone's Savages in Indonesia, but during an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman last Wednesday (29Feb12), the actor claimed to have suffered a nasty run-in with an immigration officer at the airport.
Kitsch alleged the official told him he was to be refused entry to the country because his passport had run out of pages, and he had to convince the man he was really an actor with a proper work visa by showing him a trailer for one of his movies on his iPhone.
He told Letterman, "(He said) 'You're out of pages so I can't stamp it, so you're gone.' And I'm like, 'Hold on, I can work here; I've got the visa.' He didn't believe I was an actor, so I'm literally pitching myself to this guy."
Kitsch claims the officer then asked about his cell phone and said, "Can you give me one of those?"
During the interview, Letterman wrongly suggested the incident had taken place in the Philippines, prompting a swift denial from officials in the country, and now a spokesman for the Indonesian immigration office, Maryoto Hadi, has confirmed they will investigate the allegations.
He tells, "If an officer of ours abuses his authority and taints the image of the organisation especially, we will surely take action against him, in accordance to the existing regulation. We will surely investigate the truth behind this news."