Canadian actor and former Diesel underwear model Taylor Kitsch has held on to his credibility by the tips of his fingers after the dud movie that was Disney's 'John Carter' made a loss of some $200 million.

The 31-year-old stars as Lieutenant Alex Hopper in the sci-fi thriller 'Battleship' alongside Alexander Skarsgard, Brooklyn Decker, Liam Neeson and pop superstar Rihanna. The $211 million budget film premiered in Europe earlier this month and has already earned a massive $250 million. His character has been described by co-chairman of Universal Donna Langley as 'being misunderstood' and going 'from antihero to hero'. "He's exceptionally good at that', she said, adding, "Showing innate vulnerability like he's a diamond in the rough, but still rough around the edges". 'Battleship' director Peter Berg, who is also looking to cast Kitsch in his upcoming Navy action movie 'Lone Survivor', explains "That's kind of who Taylor is. I buy him as the guy that's going to make the wrong decisions, be impulsive and have anger-management issues - but never out of malice"

Berg helped Kitsch rise to stardom by casting him as ladies' man Tim Riggins in his football TV drama 'Friday Night Lights'. The breakthrough ultimately landed Kitsch the lead role in 'John Carter' and the upcoming Oliver Stone drug thriller 'Savages' which is due for release in July.

Stone expressed his sympathy for Kitsch's struggle after John Carter's box office defeat. "I felt sorry for the guy", he told the Los Angeles Times, adding, "Because I knew he was in this mega-expensive movie, but I still think he's gonna grow into a major movie star".