Battleship may have sunk without a trace upon its release in the UK but now the movie is getting its U.S. release on Friday (May 18, 2012). Reviewers in the States are casting a forgiving eye over the movie, ignoring the low-brow premise upon which the movie is assumed to have been founded ("let's blow stuff up," suggests Seattle Times' Soren Andersen) and even going so far as to hope that it may boost Taylor Kitsch's confidence (and hopefully his career) after the widely publicized financial failure that was Disney's John Carter.

It is perhaps unfortunate for Taylor that, straight off the back of John Carter, he's appearing in another big-budget blockbuster, designed to wow the audience, rather than woo them with subtleties. The 31 year old actor was positively bristling after John Carter's release and, as the Los Angeles Times reported, he wasn't keen to be lumbered with any of the blame for the movie's failure. "This guy came up to me and goes, 'Next one. Don't worry about it, you'll be fine,'" Kitsch chafed. "I'm like, 'I'm not worried about it, man. I didn't market the movie. I didn't finance it. I gave everything I had to the film.' It sucks to feel like you have to be defensive."

The movie also features Rihanna and Brooklyn Decker - something that the press in the UK made certain that they capitalized on. Stateside though, it seems that people are willing to give Kitsch a warm reception and forgive the failure of one of Disney's biggest let-downs.