It was a chance visit to Las Vegas that led Taylor Hicks to audition for American Idol there in 2005. As he stood in the line "with some very interesting people" little did he know that he would go on to win the contest. And he probably didn't think that he would be returning to the city six years later for his own Vegas residency.
That's exactly what happened for Hicks though and the former Idol winner has just announced his very own contract with the Caesar Entertainment-owned Bally's Las Vegas Hotel. Hicks will begin his three month residency on June 26th 2012. He'll play every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the Indigo and it marks a huge development in his post-American Idol career. "It's a true full-circle moment for me," 35 year-old Taylor told Hollywood Reporter. Tickets for Hick's residency at Bally's go on sale on April 21, 2012.
Since winning American Idol, Taylor Hicks has released a number of successful studio albums, including the platinum-certified record The Distance. Despite being dropped by Arista Records in 2008, Hicks did not let this discourage him from pursuing a recording career. His path to stardom was an unusual one. He was only in Vegas for the initial Idol auditions because he had been fleeing New Orleans at the time that Hurricane Katrina ravaged the city. "I had a free voucher to fly anywhere in the country. I went to Las Vegas because I'd never been there and heard it's a fun place to go. I was just hanging out until my brother called at midnight to tell me Idol auditions were the next day." It turned out to be one Vegas gamble that paid off.