Taylor Armstrong flipped out during Monday evening's episode of The Real of Housewives of Beverly Hills - an episode fittingly titled 'Malibu Party From Hell' (December 5, 2011). The housewives attended a beach party thrown by Brandi Glanville, but things went awry almost immediately.
According to E! Online, Armstrong spent most of the limo ride to the party prepping for a confrontation with Camille Grammer - the ex-wife of Frasier star Kelsey. Meanwhile, at the same time, D.D and Liz were also ready for a fight. Things got off to a relatively underwhelming start when Taylor and Camille shared a hug and began sipping their wine. D.D. was the first to strike though, accusing Armstrong of not returning Camille's calls and yelling, "I'm sick of it. You won't return her phone calls. That's f*cked up". That's when Taylor had a "complete meltdown" and things began to spin out of control with Brandi attempting to kick Taylor out of the party - which she didn't take too kindly to. Pal Linda Thompson attempted to mediate, saying, "You guys are all embarrassing yourselves by being out of control. We are an evolved species", but it seemed the damage was already done. Directing most of her anger towards Camille, Taylor cried, "I have been her friend, I have never hurt her. She has hurt me so much, you have no idea what she has done to me".
Taylor Armstrong hit the headlines in August 2011, after her husband Russell tragically committed suicide.