Taylor Armstrong has spoken about the domestic abuse that she suffered at the hands of her husband. She was taking to Kit Hoover on Access Hollywood Live yesterday (February 9, 2012) to talk about her difficult year and future plans.
Speaking of the alleged abuse, Taylor, star of The Real Housewives of Beverley Hills told Hoover" I had an orbital floor fracture, or an orbital floor blowout. it is the floor that is holding my eyeball up. So, I now have titanium mesh implant connected in my eye that's supporting that." She goes on to explain that a bruise that was visible in one of the show's last episodes was also a result of the abuse: "You see me in one of the last episodes with a remaining bruise under my eye from orbital reconstructive surgery."
In the interview, she explains that her husband had told her to tell the doctor that her bruises were from her daughter's foot, rather than from injuries that he had caused her. "Maybe you should consider getting your kid some new shoes,'" she recalled. "I just couldn't even keep up with the whole thing because I was just trying to figure out how it is that Kennedy would have had that kind of impact on my eye, but I wasn't even with Kennedy that weekend, she was staying with her nanny." At the end of the interview, Taylor could not confirm if she would sign up to another series of the reality show.