Taylor Armstrong, the Oklahoma-native who moved to Los Angeles 6 years ago and landed a role on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, has spoken about the tragic death of her husband Russell Armstrong. Speaking on The Today Show on Monday (February 6, 2012), Taylor discussed her new book 'Hiding From Reality' and spoke in-depth about her beloved Russell.
Russell took his own life and was found by a friend on August 15, 2011, and Armstrong rejects speculation he was uncomfortable with his newfound celebrity status, saying he "loved seeing his name in the news". She added that he was excited every morning to check his name in a Google search. In the book, the reality star also recalls being a young girl and pulling her father's hair as he beat her mother. Despite reports of alleged abuse in her relationship with Russell, Taylor is clear that he was the love of her life, saying, "I love him to this day and miss him terribly ... The good times were the best I've ever had and the worst times were the worst I've ever had".
In one particular segment of the book, Armstrong writes about escaping the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles following her husband's death, saying, "I had decided.I should go to Palm Desert for a few days of fresh air without the fear of being photographed.I felt such relief as we got far enough away from the city that I could climb out from under the blanket, scramble into the front seat, and ride comfortably as a passenger, like a normal person".