Tatum O'neal's brother GRIFFIN has blasted the actress for the scandalous revelations she has made in her memoirs A PAPER LIFE, insisting she has made up her terrible childhood memories.

Even though the OSCAR winner claims in the book that her father RYAN O'NEAL used to pick on her younger brother when they were kids - once knocking out his teeth - Griffin is sticking up for his dad.

Ryan has already condemned his daughter's new book, claiming she's lying about her troubled past just to pen a bestseller.

And now Griffin has weighed in, calling his sister's tome "a big pile of poop".

Speaking out in America's NATIONAL ENQUIRER, Griffin says, "I don't see why she is so angry. Nothing happened to her.

"I could go on and on about how much damage Tatum has done to our family.

"It's all bunk. I'm willing to take a lie detector test on everything."

Griffin insists his sister's memory is, at best, clouded, claiming that Tatum's apparent pre-teen sex orgies and suicide attempts, which are documented in her book, are lies.

He adds, "She never tried to commit suicide. She OD'd (overdosed) a few times, that's what happened. She was a wild child."

Griffin reveals his sister's story about his fight with his father, in which he lost his front teeth, is true, but he was 18 and he was being an "a**hole".

17/10/2004 10:29